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Marine Species Monitoring

Baseline Monitoring for Marine Mammals in the East Coast Range Complexes (vessel surveys)

Introduction & Objectives

Technical Approach

Progress & Results

Small vessel survey baseline data collection has been discontinued. Surveys were conducted from 2007 through 2017 across multiple study areas and has transitioned into more focused tagging and behavioral response studies in some instances.

Onslow Bay - 2007-2011
Jacksonville - 2009-2017 (see Jacksonville Tagging)
Hatteras - 2011-2016 (see Atlantic BRS)

Visual Survey Data available on OBIS-SEAMAP

2007-08 Technical Report
2008-09 Technical Report
2009-10 Technical Report
2010-11 Technical Report
2012 Technical Report
2013 Technical Report - Swaim et al.
2014 Technical Reports - Foley et al.Swaim et al.
2015 Technical Report - Foley et al.
2016 Technical Report - Foley et al.
2017 Technical Report - Foley et al.
2018 Technical Report (JAX) - Foley et al.